Business Owners! Do You Know What A Public Insurance Adjuster Is?

Whether you have a small office space or an expansive store front, you should know what a Public Insurance Adjuster is! If your business is compromised by fire, water, theft, vandalism, storms or a car crashing right into the front of it, taking the proper steps after a loss can be the difference between full recovery and being under paid!

We Can Open Reopen Old Claims!

Try us out and let us review an old claim for FREE! If you have had to file a claim for a loss in the past 3 years we can review an old claim and see if we can recover more money for you! We only get paid if recover a settlement!

Be Prepared For An Unexpected Loss As A Registered IAB Priority Business Owner

When an unexpected loss occurs there is a lot happening fast! If you register with the Infante Adjusment Bureau in advance, you will be listed as a priority business owner and we can go right into action. Registering is FREE, Assessing your damages are FREE, talking to the insurance company is FREE and we only get paid for those services if you receive a settlement. When you are registered with us we will already have vital information to handle clean-up and restoration as well as what we will need to start the process with your insurance company. Registering now is almost as important as carrying your insurance!


  • Your business experiences a loss from fire, water, storms, vandalism, theft or an accident.
  • You need to file a claim with your insurance company but you will want to speak with a professional, like a Public Insurance Adjuster, first to guide you through the most effective way to explain your losses.
  • The insurance company will send out THEIR adjuster to assess the damages to determine what the insurance company owes. Without hiring your own Public Insurance Adjuster, you are relying on THEIR adjuster, who has a job to assess the damages and find the most favorable outcome for the insurance company.
  • You will receive a check from the insurance company to cover your losses and if you didn’t hire your OWN adjuster, a Public Insurance Adjuster, the insurance company could under pay you on your losses.