The aftermath of a hurricane can be confusing and overwhelming. If you register with the Infante Adjusment Bureau in advance, you will be listed as a Priority Property Owner and we can go right into action. Registering is FREE, Assessing your damages are FREE, talking to the insurance company is FREE, organizing restoration and clean-up is FREE and we only get paid for those services if you receive a settlement. When you are registered with us we will already have vital information to handle clean-up and restoration as well as what we will need to start the process with your insurance company. Registering now is almost as important as carrying your insurance! Move your claim to the top of the list when there is a storm with a priority listing with Infante Adjustment Bureau. Registration is FREE and there is NO COMMITMENT!

By registering, Infante Adjustment Bureau will have all of the information needed to expedite your claim if you have damage. We will even call you first after a storm!